About Us

Making Reading Fun

As early as I can remember, my father would read stories and books to me.  Often in place of the traditional bedtime story, he would become the storyteller and revive stories from his childhood, animating his words as he spoke.  I was always enthralled by my father's stories.  When I became a mother myself, one of the first questions my father asked me was, "Are you reading stories to the baby?" Of course I was! I actually spent more money on books than I did on toys.

After leaving my teaching career, I began working on a program where young children can share stories with loved ones and get more than just a story out of it.  That's when the idea of Bookworm Babies was born.

The idea is that we share a story and then follow with an activity to stimulate other areas of learning for the children. Learning through play is an important part of child development, so why not use a book build on this?

I also use the experience I've gained in the last 20 plus years in education, to create home learning resources and provide consultancy to families who seek support with helping their children learn to read.  Learning starts at home and I use my expertise and skills to help parents and caregivers with the strategies to get the best for their children.

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