Our FAQs

What is happening during Covid?

We have made the decision to cease all face to face activities until we feel that it will be completely safe to do so.  We are unable to say when we feel that we may restart our face to face sessions, but rest assured knowing that we will keep you informed.

What is bespoke consultancy?

Bespoke consultancy is where we meet with you online to discuss what areas you require support for your child.  We will discuss the best strategies for you to implement and how.  Each child is different so where some strategies may work for one, they might not for another.  We are here to help you to support your child with a tailored plan specific to your child and you.

How do I book bespoke consultancy?

Booking couldn't be simpler, just head over to our booking page and select the option that best suits you.

For session blocks of 3 months or more, payment plans are available.  See our plans and pricing page for more details.