Counting on a story!

Updated: Jan 30

Numbers are a huge part of our lives as is counting. Soon numbers and counting will become more meaningful to your child. Your child may already be able to count well and this is fantastic, however some children struggle to count objects in front of them despite being able to successfully count up to 10 or 20 or more.

This is common as children need to learn how to relate a number to a quantity.

Sharing a story is a great way to develop this skill. 100 Bums by Sam Harper and Chris Jevons is perfect for this. Each page is full of fantastic pictures of animals and objects (as well as bums) which can be counted. You can count the leaves on the prickly bum, or the wings on the teeny-tiny bums, or count to see how many marshmallows the pink bum is holding. The counting opportunities are there for you to help your child with their counting.

It is important that you demonstrate touching one item at a time as you count and encourage your child to do the same. This helps them to make the correlation between the number and the amount. Remember to keep it fun though! Your child may just want a story and might not want to be counting on every page, which is fine too. You can do this at any activity any time.

You can then extend this learning with object around the house. Counting steps is easy and to help with counting and recognising numbers, Bookworm Babies UK has a great set of reusable play dough mats which come with a story book and a tub of play dough. These are available in our online store. Use the discount code: COUNTING2020 for 10% off our play dough mats until August 31st 2020.

Warning: Once children learn how to count quantities, sharing treats may become a thing of the past!

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