Ready, Steady, Go!

We all want to give a children a head start with their learning, so we are going to give you some tips to help you help your child.

Keep it fun!

Learning can take place anywhere you want it to. You don't have to be sitting at a table with workbooks all the time, you can make a game out of things. For example, when learning to recognise numbers, choose a single digit and each time you spot it you have to pull a silly face or make a funny noise. Put a different noise or action to each digit. Be warned though, this can be embarrassing in public! We as adults don't like doing things if we aren't enjoying it, children are the same. Remember though, it has to be fun for them too, it isn't all about us!

Make it relate.

Children learn quickly, but when they can make a connection to something it sticks brilliantly. For example, if you are learning colours think of what your child likes that is in a particular colour - "Your favourite socks from nanna are yellow." Or when learning letters of the alphabet, you could relate the letters to people who they love, "Joe next door has 'J' in their name". It is worth noting that doing this for too many letters can be a bit overwhelming, so choose a few key ones.

Let them lead

One thing that children love is to be in control. When your child chooses an activity you can drip feed the learning opportunities without them even noticing that you're teaching them something. Your child could be playing with a set of blocks, ask questions such as "What colour block is that?" or "I've got two blocks, how many have you got?" They will think that you're only playing with them and will be quite willing to engage in such dialogue.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Repetition is the key with children. It goes with the old saying 'practise makes perfect'. Try not to get frustrated with your child if they struggle with something that is seemingly simple to you, or maybe something that maybe your older child picked up quickly. All children learn differently and at different paces. With all this said, sometimes it best to take a break and come back to some things later. Later could be in a few hours or a couple of days, you know your child best and you're the better judge of when to try again.


Praise is important for helping your child to develop. Congratulate them when they get something right, and praise their effort when they try but don't quite get it. Children need to know that they won't always get things right and they won't always win games. They equally need to know that when they don't get the result they want, it is OK because they can try again.

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