School ready or school dready?

With September looming many of us will have children either returning to school or starting for the first time. Either way, this can be a cause of anxiety for both parent and child given the current situation we are living in, and the thought may fill you with dread. On the other hand you may be ready to get your child out to school for a sense of normality again, or other reasons personal to you.

For those who have children that are going into Reception year, there are a few things that can be done to help your child be 'Reception Ready'. The following checklist will help you to prepare your child for school. It is important to remember that every child is different, so if your child hasn't quite mastered the things on this list, it is ok! Just continue to support them and keep their learning fun!

  1. I can use the toilet independently and wash my hands.

  2. I can feed myself with a knife and fork?

  3. I can mostly dress and undress myself

  4. I can count up to 10

  5. I can recognise my own name

  6. I can recognise some colours

  7. I can recognise some shapes

  8. I can talk about how I feel

  9. I can listen and follow instructions

  10. I can share and take turns.

If your child is anything like how one of mine is, numbers 9 and 10 are still a work in progress (that will be teenagers for you!😆).

To help with getting your child ready for school, Bookworm Babies UK has created a reusable and waterproof set of personalised learning packs. These were specifically created for children who may be starting Reception, hence the name 'Reception Ready Kit'. The packs contain a personalised name mat which helps your child to recognise and write their name. Number recognition and tracing mats to help with them learn numbers and count objects. Also included are alphabet mats which help your child to recognise the letters and write them in both lower and upper case. Other mats include shape, colour and tricky words. Each kit comes complete with a story book all about starting school to help your child to prepare for their new learning journey.

Don't worry, we haven't left you adults out. You get a handy booklet of hints and tips to help you help your child to have fun learning. To get your child a pack click the picture below.


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