Summer to September

As we slowly creep towards a new 'normal', a lot of us have been tasked with homeschooling our children. It may have been a challenge for some and a walk in the park for others, but the thing that remained constant is that we all just wanted the best for our children. Only you know what is best for your child, so if that meant watching TV in pyjamas or a routine similar to school, that was your decision to make. For my own sanity, I had to stick to some sort of routine. If I didn't, I would have become a cake-aholic and morbidly obese! As parents we have had to make some hard and unexpected choices in the last few months, I know I did! The important thing to remember is that we have all done our very best in a situation that none of us could have ever been prepared for.

Our schools have remained open and have done an amazing job doing so. I have spoken to my friends who are still teaching and they have been working flat out to ensure that our children were well looked after. I applaud every member of staff that has been part of the many school teams across the nation, who have worked so hard for our children. Admittedly, I am still quite nervous about my children returning to school in September, particularly as I have one child with health conditions which makes my levels of anxiety spike. However, that can be calmed with a nice slice of cake and a cuppa!

With the summer holidays here, a well deserved break is overdue for a lot of us. Now I don't know about 'leaving on a jet plane' but I know a little escape (away from the kids if possible...) is on the cards. Of course the children deserve a break too! I mean they have had to endure me as their mum, their teacher, their head teacher and more than likely the bane of their life for the last three months!

So let's do our best to enjoy the summer, relax as much as we can and not dwell too much on the prospects of September!


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